VIDEO: Hong Kong Lawmakers to Enact Face Mask Ban for Protesters

10/3/2019 4:53 PM   

The increasingly widespread violence in Hong Kong has prompted rising calls from police associations and some pro-Beijing groups for tougher measures, including curfews and a mask ban to prevent protesters from concealing their identities.Hong Kong lawmaker Elizabeth Quat was among pro-Beijing officials who held a news conference on Thursday to advocate an anti-mask law.Quat cited legislation in the US, Canada and France and said while it was not an "absolute solution", it could help to handle the current "critical situation" in Hong Kong. In a statement Wednesday, the Hong Kong Junior Police Officers Association had urged Chief Executive Carrie Lam's government to impose a curfew and other emergency measures to quell riots and maintain public order. Lam has not commented since she returned from National Day celebrations in Beijing. Lam's office said it has no immediate comment.Some legislators warned Thursday that a mask ban and any harsh measures would only alienate the people further and possibly prompt a more ferocious backlash.