Brunei defends planned embrace of extreme Islamic laws

Sharia Law
3/31/2019 12:09 AM   

Even amid a global backlash, Brunei has defended the use of Islamic laws that punish offenders with controversial methods, saying they are in place to "educate" and protect Islam.

Brunei, a small oil-rich country of 400,000 near the South China Sea, will start implementing Sharia laws on April 3, punishing those who engage in homosexuality or adultery by death. They would also punish sodomy, adultery and rape with death by stoning, and theft with amputation.

The laws have been rolling out in different phases since 2014 and will be fully implemented next week, according to a statement on Saturday from the prime minister's office.

Hollywood icon George Clooney recently spoke out against the harsh penalties for homosexuality, urging a boycott of the legendary Beverly Hills Hotel because its owner is Brunei's leader.

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