VIDEO: Wife with AR-15 Saves husband and daughters' lives during home invasion

11/4/2019 12:56 PM   

A popular talking point from people who want to ban and confiscation AR15s is that no one needs an AR15 for self-defense. These same people will also say we need to ban AR15s because in the hands of criminals they are dangerous. I never understood this logic because it doesn't make any sense because what they're saying is, AN AR in the hands of a criminal is a killing machine, but in the hands of law abiding citizens it's useless. Well, apparently the Wife and Mother to be in this story didn't get that memo. I want you to think about what just happened here. A pregnant woman with an AR15 fought off two Men with handguns. What part of equalizer do people not understand? This pregnant woman is essentially the most vulnerably being on the planet right now but because of the AR15, she not only saved herself and her child, she saved her husband against two criminals with guns. In the world of the Anti-gunners, this woman would have run back home to call the police, while the criminals continued to beat her husband to death. The AR15 in the hands of law-abiding citizens is a necessity because, in a world where full of evil psychotic criminals who thrive on taking advantage of the law-abiding, it gives the power back to the people! Not the government, not the politicians, not the police department, but the people.