VIDEO: Firefighters Battle Wildfires in San Bernadino, California

10/31/2019 3:04 PM   

Firefighters battled a wildfire that out in San Bernardino, California, Thursday, October 31, forcing evacuations and torching at least four homes.

READ MORE: Strong winds fanned new fires in Southern California on Thursday, burning homes and forcing residents to flee in a repeat of a frightening scenario already faced by tens of thousands across the state. The latest blazes erupted in the heavily populated inland region east of Los Angeles as strong, seasonal Santa Ana winds continued to blow with gusts of up to 96 kilometers per hour that are predicted to last until the evening before they fade away. A fast-moving fire spread into the northern neighborhoods of the city of San Bernardino, forcing the evacuation of 490 homes _ approximately 1,300 people, the San Bernardino County Fire Department said. Aerial video from a news helicopter showed at least four home burning as the fire grew to 200 acres (80 hectares).