Joe Biden Sucks: Here's a list why

1/26/2021 11:23 PM   

2020 Election Fraud

There was clearly election fraud during the 2020 Elections.  Despite media claims to the contrary, there were hundreds of witnesses and loads of physical evidence that fraud had in fact occurred.  The mainstream media rushed to cover up and discredit this fraud as quickly as possible:

Giuliani presents evidence of 2020 election fraud hosted by Pennsylvania Republicans

Second Georgia Senate Election Hearing

Rudy Giuliani gives testimony on election in Michigan

Trump's comments on the ridiculous November elections

In fact, YouTube has done its best to bury or delete these videos from their platform. The only videos that are easy to get at of the presentations that Giuliani attended in each of the states that were "flipped" are ones that attempt to come up with some false reasoning to discredit the testimony.

2020 Presidential Election Lawsuits Related to Election Integrity


The Biden team has been long known for plagiarizing.  One of the first things that the Biden team did was steal our logo!  

Here's some more instances:

Biden Caught Lying About 'Buy American', Plagiarizing President Trump

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