Georgia and Trump’s Path to Victory

11/24/2020 2:33 PM   

It appears as if Trump has been having a difficult week.  States are certifying the elections despite rumors of evidence of vast amounts of voter fraud.  A couple of cases have been dismissed and then there was the whole Sidney Powell debacle.  This has left most supporters of the fraud allegations made by President Trump in a bit of a tailspin.  However, keep reading and we will show why this was done and that things are have been engineered to be bleak looking to the casual onlooker.


A Second Recount for Georgia Ballots:


It has been widely reported that a second round of recounts has been approved for the Georgia Ballots. Unfortunately, the seconds recount, like the first, will not have signature verification as part of the recount process.  A lot of the allegations by the Trump administration has been that voter fraud had been conducted in Georgia (and elsewhere) via mail in ballots.  To identify these fraudulent ballots, signatures need to be matched to ballots and verified that the vote is valid.  Here’s where things get sticky, due to privacy issues, when a vote is received in most states the signature is confirmed prior to the envelope being opened. 

There are various procedures revolving around how this is done, but it is done prior to the vote being recorded for an individual.  In fact, ballots are typically separated from the envelope to which they belong prior to recording the votes on that ballot.  This, as Georgia election officials claim, makes it impossible to match ballots back to their original envelopes and hence the signatures associated with those envelopes. A quagmire indeed.  Fret not though, there are a few tactics that may prove even more beneficial to the Trump administration that could provide a path to victory for them:

  • A simple count of the number of existing signatures on envelopes versus the number of mail in ballots received: This will identify if there were any additional ballots added to the mail-in ballots being processed as the effort taken to forge a signature is considerably more than simply filling in a circle to cast a vote for Biden.

  • Look for low effort forgeries: These would be signatures in which an individual did note make much of an effort to sign in a meaningful way, such as writing in block letters, just signing with a simple “X” or other shenanigans.  The senders of these ballots can then be questioned about whether they actually did vote or if some third party had voted on their behalf.  This could potentially be very damaging to the Democrats.

  • Examine the signatures themselves for common style: If you are manufacturing mass amounts of fraudulent ballots, it is really difficult to alter your signature in a meaningful way such that someone looking and lots of the ballot signatures by a single forger can’t identify that person’s typical handwriting style. Try it yourself, make up 100 different signatures on a page and then look at them for similarities.  Even knowing that you will do so, it is very difficult to make each one uniquely styled.  Now imaging trying to do these by the hundreds.  Only with a significant team of co-conspirators would this be a feasible methodology. With advances in machine learning algorithms, some enterprising individual will likely be able to write some software to automatically identify signatures made by a single individual, even if they are signing completely different names.

What happens if there was a sizeable amount of signature anomalies detected?

If significant anomalies with the signatures are found, the Trump legal team will most likely press to have the votes from a particular precinct disqualified due to the processing abnormalities. Since the votes can’t be tied to the signatures themselves, there seems to be no way that the votes tallies could be properly collected so they must be all thrown out.  People will be really upset about this, and they should. 

What Else is There?


The ballot signatures are just the tip of the iceberg and the strategy can be used in most states.  The big elephant in the room is the “vote dumps” that seemed to occur in the dead of night after polls had closed.  Many of these have been attributed to electronic voting fraud or collusion of precinct staff during the processing of ballots in Democratic cities. 

What makes the in-precinct voter fraud claims particularly damning is the amount of effort that these same precincts seem to go through to make sure that there were no witnesses from the opposing side to the processing methods utilized when these large number of votes were tallied.  There are literally hundreds of sworn statements collected from poll workers all over the countries attesting to fraudulent activities conducted by the Democrats.  We just need a chance for these claims to properly navigate the legal system so that they can have an impact on the actual election outcome.

Dominion systems has also been brought into the spotlight recently, most notably by Sidney Powell.  It seems that this voting system was engineered from the ground up to generate false voting outcomes and may be one of the biggest conspiracies ever perpetrated on so many people across the globe.  You would think this would be the headline for months on every news network, but the swamp is deep and the story is being suppressed by pretty much every left leaning news network. 

The Voting Data Red Herring


As we wrote about previously in DEBUNKED: Why voter fraud detection using news voting data is a false narrative, there are claims that voter fraud can be detected in the voting data used for election day reporting on the major new networks.  This is in fact completely false.  The data that these news networks use (including the New York Times) is from Edison Research.  In summary, this data is based on pre-generated models based off of historical data and not off of actual real-time vote counts as many believe. The models are often inaccurate and as new data is collected from the 790 or so exit polling stations spread across the United States, the vote counts are adjusted to better reflect this feedback.  This causes the votes to “jump” periodically as Edison makes corrections.  Don’t be fooled, the internet “geniuses” that claim that they have found evidence of voter fraud are travelling down the wrong path.


Sidney Powell


Trump’s legal challenges really seemed to take a real knockout blow last week with the news that they were no longer associated with the fantastic claims being made at a few of Sidney Powell’s public appearances.  Take this with a grain of salt, and we’re not talking about her claims mind you, we’re talking about the fact that the team is distancing themselves from her.  While we have no evidence of this, we do think this is more about an end-game strategy than any real reflection of the veracity of her comments. 

Reading between the lines, we are speculating that the Trump legal team is doing this to downplay all the claims coming from the media for actual evidence.  They probably figured that they had a lot more time for the lawsuits to play out before the media started attacking them for unassailable evidence of voter fraud like what Tucker Carlson did on Fox News.  This is something that the Trump team cannot provide at this time, not because they don’t have it, but because to do so will jeopardize their chances of using the evidence in court.  Why is this?  Once the evidence is made public, two things will happen.  The first is that Democrats will try covering their trials better by destroying the evidence or coming up with strategies to counter any evidence that is presented.  The second is that any witnesses that can be identified by the disclosers will be threatened horrifically as we saw with some of Trump’s lawyers in Pennsylvania and the Canvassers in Michigan.  Sidney may have drawn a little too much light on to her efforts and the legal team may have decided (including her) that a story of a lone wolf operation may take off a little heat for the time being.  We fully expect a big surprise to be coming in the near future once Sidney and team have had their chance to fully work their magic.




There is a ton of claims being made about the election fraud and not all of it is real.  A lot of it is in fact misleading.  Our opinion is to just hang in there and let the Trump legal team do its work and hope for a big holiday surprise!



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