VIDEO: Over 37,000 confirmed coronavirus cases, 811 deaths in China

2/9/2020 10:52 AM   

Now the latest on the coronavirus in China and the rest of the world... As of this morning, the death toll in China has hit 8-hundred-11, with the number of confirmed infections exceeding 37-thousand. China's National Health Commission said on Sunday that 81 additional deaths and over 2-thousand new cases have been reported from Hubei Province, the epicenter of the outbreak. In France, five British people have contracted the virus at a ski resort in the French Alps. The French authorities said on Saturday,...that the family of four adults and one child had come into contact with another British person who had been to Singapore. On the same day, 7 new cases were reported in Singapore, while Japan confirmed 3 more cases. That brings the total number of infections outside China to 3-hundred-55, and death toll stands at 2.